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Always close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Travelling with RSD means seeing the best of the world

There are trips that we dream of our whole lives: finally being where the crusaders fought and kings resided. Standing in awe in front of their huge palaces and fortresses. Strolling through famous cities, taking in their colourful life and moving stories. Gaze in wonder at marvellous lagoons, down into wide gorges and up to mighty mountain ranges.


RSD Travel Ltd. travel group awarded as TOP travel agency

Experts recognise the company’s exceptional tourism and economic performance.

RSD Travel Ltd. belongs to one of the largest cultural tour organisers in Europe, the RSD Group, which has just been crowned „as a TOP tour operator for its above-average tourism and economic performance“.


Travelling with RSD – for the benefit of people, animals and the environment

Those who travel with us are particularly protective of people, animals and the environment. For example, when RSD guests go on local excursions, getting up close and personal with locals. Or marvelling at the UNESCO natural and cultural heritage.


Why RSD group tours guarantee wonderful holidays

Travelling on your own organising everything yourself – flights, accommodation, local excursions. As well as help in the event of an emergency. That can be tedious – and expensive.


Come with RSD to Turkey – one of the most popular cultural tour destinations in the world

Unique ancient ruins and wide beaches by the sparkling sea, picturesque old towns and great hospitality.


How RSD helps young south africans: German dental professionals dedicated to helping children

How RSD helps young south africans: German dental professionals dedicated to helping children


Fund-raising campaign for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

RSD is helping locally with a donation of € 25,000


Video Christmas message

With this wonderful video Christmas message from our RSD team, we are sending you our warmest Christmas greetings during these exceptional times.

We all wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021!

We are grateful for your support and we are looking forward to next year full of optimism.

Let’s discover the wonders of the world again together.


Planting trees with children

„Every tree counts“, shout the children and young people at the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative. To save the earth’s climate, they want to plant no fewer than a trillion trees by 2030.



The RSD tour managers: professionals with hearts and minds

What makes RSD tour managers so special? Why is it them in particular that guarantee RSD’s success and the superb quality of our tours?

Their magic formula is first-class competence + a good dose of humanity = strong characters. And therefore the best source of support for our travellers.

We spoke to some of the 500 colleagues who work for us as tour managers all over the world. We’ve put together a few examples of what they had to say about what they like about RSD and its guests, and most importantly what they expect from themselves.