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Our Mission Statement

As a responsible tour operator we see it as our duty to leave a positive impact on tourism. By caring about resource efficiency, ensuring employment quality, promoting cultural richness and diversity as well as by supporting social equity and community wellbeing we want to contribute to a sustainable tourism.

We not only create holiday experiences – we connect people from different cultures with different traditions, support the preservation of Cultural Heritage, improve the lives of the natives by creating workplaces and push the economic development in our travel destinations.

So far, our main goals and priorities in terms of sustainability policy have been resource efficiency, employment quality, cultural richness, social justice and community well-being. We want to remain active on these points and constantly improve the measures we have already implemented. Our management is involved in the development of our policy and supports its goals. Our sustainability policy is also reflected in the company’s 5 values:

Appreciation – we treat each other with respect, bear social responsibility, take care of our working environment and the climate and are committed to honesty, openness and solidarity.

Enthusiasm – we work with enthusiasm and enjoy good products and good services. We are active, open-minded and solution-oriented.

Growth – we strive for permanent development and learn from our mistakes.

Health – we attach great importance to health awareness and support a conscious and healthy life.

Team spirit – together we solve the unsolvable. Teamwork is fun and brings the best success.

We are working on continuous improvements and further developments, both internally and in relation to our partners and travel.