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Always close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Travelling with RSD means seeing the best of the world
There are trips that we dream of our whole lives: finally being where the crusaders fought and kings resided. Standing in awe in front of their huge palaces and fortresses. Strolling through famous cities, taking in their colourful life and moving stories. Gaze in wonder at marvellous lagoons, down into wide gorges and up to mighty mountain ranges.

Experience all of this together with a loved one. Also accompanied by like-minded people. Looked after by friendly tour guides who explain everything clearly in their own language and are always on hand with help and advice. Genuine, qualified travel professionals who have been opening doors for you on our RSD tours for many years: Step into the fascinating worlds of our RSD study tours. Nowhere else is there such a good chance of getting really close to one of the many UNESCO sites. RSD is certainly one of the tour operators with the most World Heritage sites in its programme.

It is breathtaking what UNESCO – the cultural organisation of the United Nations – has compiled on its „World Heritage List“. There are currently around 1,200 unique cultural monuments and natural sites scattered across 168 countries worldwide.

Dubrovnik’s marvellous old town and the legendary Troy are among them, as are Australia’s Kakadu National Park and China’s excavated terracotta army. Of course, Malta’s wonderful capital Valletta and the Arabian splendour of the An-dalusian Grenada. Not forgetting the Colossus of Rhodes, the dancing dervishes of Cappadocia or Norway’s incredible Geirangerfjord.

And what do all these absolute travel highlights have in common? Yes, you will find them all in our current range of holidays. For example, on the 4-star study tour „Croatia & Montenegro“, on the most beautiful sea voyage in the world with our Hurtigruten mail ship along Norway’s coast. Or as part of our exclusive exploration tour „Rhodes & Aegean“.

Browse or scroll through the RSD travel wonderland and you will see: You will encounter many more spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites: in Istanbul and Tuscany, in Lycia, at the Palace of Versailles, when visiting the Indian Taj Mahal or the Jordanian desert landscape of Wadi Rum. Our RSD World Heritage travel list could go on and on.

All of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites are unique testimonies to human culture and natural phenomena of exceptional beauty. To be considered a „World Heritage Site“ and gain a place on the UNESCO list, it must have „outstanding universal significance“. A cultural or natural asset must be unique, authentic and intact. The criteria for inclusion on the UNESCO list include, for example, that it is „a masterpiece of human creativity“. Or „outstanding natural phenomena“

Let yourself be inspired by these superlative UNESCO sights. Make your dreams come true.