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Planting trees with children

„Every tree counts“, shout the children and young people at the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative. To save the earth’s climate, they want to plant no fewer than a trillion trees by 2030.

This is because trees store large quantities of the climate-harming gas CO2. And since climate change is also very important to RSD Travel Ltd. we were happy to give the children a hand by donating 5,000 trees to Plant-for-the-Planet.

The „tree donation certificate“ that RSD received bears the words „Helping children to fight for a better environment and a better future“.

The Plant-for-the-Planet initiative for children and young people was launched at the start of 2007. In 2011, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) awarded the long-established „Billion Tree Campaign“ to Plant-for-the-Planet – and with it the official global tree counter. At the time, the campaign was still aiming to plant a billion trees. The children’s ambitious goal now, however, is: the „Trillion Tree Campaign“, in other words 1000 billion trees. 13.6 billion have already been planted, with more than five million being planted as part of a reforestation project on the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico, for example.

Plant-for-the-Planet now has more than 88,000 young „ambassadors for climate justice“ from 74 countries. The initiative’s patrons include Prince Albert II of Monaco and the former German environment minister Klaus Töpfer.

So far, there have been more than 1500 ‚academies‘ at Plant-for-the-Planet, where children are able to share their knowledge and passion for protecting the world’s climate with other children, free of charge.

To fund their tree-planting campaign, the hard-working climate protectors collect donations and also sell books, posters and most importantly their tasty „good chocolate“, crowned the best milk chocolate in 2018 by the Warentest Foundation.

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