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8-day cultural tour of Normandy, Brittany & Flanders featuring the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Paris – Versailles (World Heritage) – Chartres (World Heritage) – Mont Saint Michel (World Heritage) – Le Havre (World Heritage) – Amiens (World Heritage) – Lille – Brussels (3x World Heritage) – Bruges (2x World Heritage)

Your itinerary

Your itinerary

Based on our own experience and the many tips we have received from enthusiastic holidaymakers, we have put together a trip featuring the most impressive sights and World Heritage Sites of Normandy, Brittany and Flanders for you!

Day 1: Convenient air travel to Paris

Flight to Paris. Our friendly professional, English-speaking tour guide will meet us at the airport. Our modern coach will take us to our hotel in the Paris area, where we will spend the first night. Depending on the arrival time, we will do a joint city tour.

Day 2: Versailles and Chartres (2× UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

Chartres (World Heritage)

Today we see one of the largest palace complexes in Europe, the Palace of Versailles (admission included). The former seat of the French kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and impresses with its Hall of Mirrors, among other things. The most famous room in the palace is 75m long and 10m wide and consists of 357 mirrors. From there we look out over the geometrically designed park, which you can then explore on your own. Afterwards we visit Chartres Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, admission included), which is considered the model for all Gothic cathedrals in Europe. After the tour, you will have some free time before we continue on to Brittany. The next two nights will be spent comfortable in the Rennes/Saint Malo region.

Day 3: Explorer day: Dinan, Mont Saint Michel (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Saint Malo

Mont Saint Michel (World Heritage)

Today, one of France‘s most famous sights awaits you as part of a fascinating, optional full-day excursion. First we go to Dinan, an old trading town with one of the most beautiful old towns in Brittany. Afterwards, we discover the corsair city of Saint Malo with its mighty fortifications and the granite houses of the city centre during a guided tour. In the afternoon, the ”Wonder of the Occident“, Mont Saint Michel, awaits us. Even from a distance we can see the monastery with its protector, Saint Michael, enthroned on the mighty monastery hill. We take a shuttle bus (ride included) to the monastery mountain, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1979. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to meander through the alleys of the old town or visit the monastery.

Day 4: Arromanches, Deauville, Honfleur, Pont de Normandie & Le Havre (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Le Havre (World Heritage)

We leave Brittany and drive into Normandy to Arrromanches and to the Allied landing beaches. A huge artificial harbour was built there, of which some individual remains can still be seen today, for the invasion of Normandy during the Second World War. Our tour guide takes us back in time. Our lunch will be taken in the famous seaside resort of Deauville with its wooden promenade and Norman half-timbered houses. In the afternoon, we drive to the small port of Honfleur, the “cradle of Impressionism“. There we taste the amber-coloured apple brandy known as Calvados from the region. We cross the impressive “Pont de Normandie“ suspension bridge to Le Havre, where we spend the next night.

Day 5: Etretat, Rouen, Amiens (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Amiens Cathedral (World Heritage)

In the morning we take an impressive coastal drive along the Normandy chalk coast with its cliffs that soar up to 60m high. The most famous is the rock arch of Etretat, the Cap d‘Antifer. We then continue from here to Rouen in the Seine Valley. There we will follow the footsteps of Saint Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake here as a heretic in 1431. Rouen is also known as the “City of 100 Spires“, which dominate the skyline of this half-timbered city. On our onward journey to Lille, where we spend the next 3 nights in our modern hotel, we stop in Amiens. Here stands the largest cathedral in France, spanning an area of 7700 m². It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 and has also been part of the Camino de Santiago in France since 1998. The early Gothic building was erected in 1220 and revolutionised the building technique of the Middle Ages at that time.

Day 6: Lille & Brussels (3× UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

Grote Markt, Brussels (World Heritage)

In the morning we see Lille, Europe‘s Capital of Culture in 2004 and the enchanting capital of Northern France. We start our leisurely stroll through the lovingly renovated old town with its numerous palaces at the Grand Place. This is the most beautiful square in the city with its cosy street cafés. Not far from there is probably the most famous and at the same time most expensive building in the city, the Old Stock Exchange built in 1653. We then continue to the EU capital of Brussels, where we go on a city tour through the old town to the Grote Markt, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, not least because of its impressive architecture. We also see the government quarter, the Royal Palace and the famous 102m high Atomium. To round off the day, we take a city tour past the 19th century Art Nouveau buildings (UNESCO World Heritage Site) designed by Victor Hort, the Palais Stoclet (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the EU Parliament, where the heart of European politics beats.

Day 7: Explorer day: Ghent (UNESCO City of Music) & Bruges (2× UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

Bruges (World Heritage)

Today we are off to Flanders. We will take you on a fantastic, optional full-day excursion. In the morning we first drive to Ghent. The famous medieval port city on the River Leie is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium and offers numerous art treasures in addition to a city centre well worth seeing. Ghent is also a UNESCO City of Music. From here it is only a few minutes to the legendary town of Bruges, whose entire city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bruges was once the most important trading centre for fabrics from all over the world. Due to the silting up of the coast, the town lost its importance and was able to preserve its complete, historic town centre. On a trip through the medieval canals we marvel at the picturesque city from a different perspective. In Ghent and Bruges, we will also see the bell towers, among other things, which were once a symbol of bourgeois pride versus the nobility and are part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Day 8: Homeward journey

Homeward journey

Today, we say farewell. Our fascinating and blissful week is drawing to an end. We drive back to Paris and fly back to the UK with many unforgettable experiences in our luggage.

Homeward journeyEtretatPalace of Versailles (World Heritage)

Package includes:

  • Return flights with Air France or equivalent to Paris
    incl. hotel transfers
  • 7 nights in a double room in selected comfort or 4-star hotels (national category)
    7× tasty breakfast
  • Fascinating cultural tour with the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Normandy, Brittany and Flanders!
    Look forward to a spectacular range of excursions + admissions (as per itinerary), incl.:
    • Versailles (World Heritage)
    • Chartres (World Heritage)
    • Le Havre (World Heritage)
    • Brussels (3× World Heritage)
    • Amiens (World Heritage)
    • Paris
    • Arromanches
    • Deauville
    • Honfleur
    • Pont de Normandie
    • Etretat
    • Rouen
    • Brittany
    • Lille
    • Atlantic coast
  • Qualified, English-speaking cultural tour guide

On request, you can book our additional tours and services at special reduced prices:

Mont Saint Michel (World Heritage)

Explorer package:

The package includes the two full-day excursions “Dinan, Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo“ and “Ghent and Bruges“: only £159 per person.


Half board:

The package includes 7× evening meals (5× in a hotel, 1× in Brussels in a restaurant, 1× in Paris in a brasserie): only £179* per person.


Single room surcharge:
only £249 per person (subject to availability)

Including a spectacular range of excursions + admissions featuring the most famous World Heritage Sites !

You will love our selected comfort or 4-star hotels !

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Additional package:

Although your trip already includes a comprehensive package, you also have the option of choosing added extras on arrival.
Explorer package: The package includes the two full-day excursions “Dinan, Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo“ and “Ghent and Bruges“: only £159* per person.
Half board: The package includes 7× evening meals (5× in a hotel, 1× in Brussels in a restaurant, 1× in Paris in a brasserie): only £179* per person.
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