Customer Opinions


“The trip was wonderful, I‘d happily do it again.“

Mrs. S. from W., travelled 19 February 2019²

„The tour fully met our expectations. Great hotels! GREAT value for money! – I’d recommend it to anyone!“

Mrs. M. from S., travelled 08 March 2019²

„Great tour, perfectly organised, taking in worldfamous sights.“

Mrs. R. from S., travelled 18 February 2019²

„Everything marvellous, well organised, great value for money. Very good hotel.“

Mr. R. from I., travelled, 07 December 2018²

”Highly interesting and very well organised trip at a more than reasonable price.”

Mr. M. from A., travelled 15 February 2019²

„Very enjoyable. Would go again to Crete. Good companiable trips.“

Stephanie R. from W., travelled 2 March 2019²

„Great value cultural holiday.“

Lynne B. from A., travelled 9 february 2019²

„As always a well organised, interesting holiday that really did show us Crete in a short space of time.“

John T. from N., travelled 2 March 2019²

„Good value for money. Well organised.“

Christine C. from S., travelled 2 March 2019²

„A fantastic trip, well organised. An excellent guide, fabulous hotels, lovely locations. A true experience of Dubai.“

Marina D. from B., travelled 14 February 2019²

² RSD Travel Ltd. and RSD Reise Service Deutschland GmbH belong to a European group of tour operators that organises tours for customers from a number of European countries. The survey focused on tourists who travelled with RSD.