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The RSD tour managers: professionals with hearts and minds

What makes RSD tour managers so special? Why is it them in particular that guarantee RSD’s success and the superb quality of our tours?

Their magic formula is first-class competence + a good dose of humanity = strong characters. And therefore the best source of support for our travellers.

We spoke to some of the 500 colleagues who work for us as tour managers all over the world. We’ve put together a few examples of what they had to say about what they like about RSD and its guests, and most importantly what they expect from themselves.

What do RSD tour managers want to do?

Communicate their extensive knowledge effectively, always be available as a guide, feel the excitement, laugh with their guests, even sometimes organise a little party for first-time holidaymakers: this is the approach that our tour managers take to their tours.

Adil Boughaleb takes tour groups through Morocco for us. He says:

„Our role is more than just talking and guiding. We want to be the first port of call for our guests every time, for whatever they need. This demands not only professional competence and experience, but also a lot of commitment and patience.“

Our tour manager Lalit Aryatilake from Sri Lanka describes just how this type of commitment might look in practice:

„After the guests have checked into the hotel, I always wait for another half an hour in reception. And if a guest has any requests, then I do my best to accommodate them.“

RSD tour managers are problem-solvers for every aspect of life. Whether it be forgotten glasses, a lost passport or another mishap: they’re immediately on site.

Dilem Emin in northern Cyprus recounts this tale:

„I remember a lady from England who’d lost her passport. We reported the loss and headed to the embassy to obtain a temporary one. It was a bit last-minute, but we made it to the airport for her flight home in time. She was so grateful she cried. When I visited England, she met me at the airport. And this time, she was my tour guide.“

RSD tour managers are always highly trained, experienced professionals. Many of them also hold university degrees, for example in history or Germanic studies, archaeology or tourism. Naturally, they speak their guests‘ language as well as the language of the destination country. Our Israeli tour manager, Danny Tamuz, speaks Hebrew and Arabic alongside German and English, for example.

What is it that RSD guests should take home with them most of all from their holiday?

Offering their guests unique experiences on their holiday, and wonderful days out, is the declared goal of every dedicated RSD tour manager.

This is true for Charlotte Schweickerdt, for example, who works for RSD as a South African in South Africa:

„It really touches me every time, seeing my guests‘ excitement when we drive through the Kruger national park and spot our first elephants or lions. Or as they marvel at the stunning Blyde Canyon, and how many of our guests enjoy our food and hospitality. When a holidaymaker comes to me and says that they’ve fallen in love with South Africa, then I’ve achieved something truly wonderful as a tour manager.“

Our tour managers Andreas Foundoulis and Irini Kastellianaki in Crete say:

„As soon as the sight-seeing part of an excursion is over, and we look at our guests‘ delighted faces, we know that today was another very special day for them.“

What do our tour managers appreciate about RSD guests?

It strikes you how well-informed and how well-prepared RSD guests are for their trip. How interested they are in the country and its people. And how great the atmosphere is within the RSD tour groups. In other words: that RSD guests are nice, friendly travel companions. Tour manager Charlotte Schweickerdt from South Africa sums it up:

„I like working with experienced people because I’m constantly learning from them. They, for me, are the salt of the earth. These are guests who have worked hard to be where they are today.“

Our travel professionals also appreciate how the holidaymakers thank their tour managers for their commitment with small, friendly gestures. It’s a real acknowledgement that touches them, as tour manager Dilem Emin from northern Cyprus, describes:

„For me, the most unforgettable moment was when the entire tour group sang for me in amphitheatre in the ancient city of Soli on the final day of the holiday!“

Our Chinese tour manager, Tiejun Sun, recalls:

„If you’ve really put a lot of effort in, guests will praise you from the heart. They prepared a lovely song one time, or sometimes it’ll be a poem, or they’ll just give you a hug. I feel touched by that. Because then I know that they’ll go home happy.” 

What do our tour managers like about RSD?

Centrally managed, with reliable partners and a first-class infrastructure in all travel destinations: with this consistent strategy, RSD is able to create a professional, friendly framework for its tour managers. The result: a problem-free and harmonious working relationship.

RSD tour managers appreciate working for a strong partner that enjoys an excellent reputation as a tour operator in their country. They like being constantly updated and informed by RSD, in other words: involved. They rely on the professional organisation in tourism destinations and on the teamwork. Even if bad weather or accidents require rapid action and perfect coordination. Booked programmes of activities can then be guaranteed even under difficult conditions. The number one priority is always guest safety.

Recep Yavuz is the head of NBK-Touristic based in the Turkish city of Antalya. He coordinates the work of numerous tour managers for RSD, including in Cyprus. He is a professional with many years‘ experience, and he knows that

„We’re prepared for everything, from bad weather to delayed flights. The operational teams plan the day’s activities. There are strict schedules for the coaches. It’s also there that we determine how long each tour group spends in a museum or on a boat trip. We have a solution for every unexpected situation – such as a missed flight. Not one of our guests has ever missed a flight.“

Many of our tour managers therefore get the feeling of being part of „the right family“ with RSD. Something else they also really like: RSD guests come from many different countries. They are most importantly informed and curious. They appreciate and recognise good assistance. Our tour managers are therefore rarely surprised to see so many regular customers among their guests – people who love to travel with RSD around the world and return happy.