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RSD is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

There’s a great reason for a party: RSD is celebrating its 10th anniversary! RSD started out in 2009 with a trip to Cappadocia. Today, in 2019, we are one of the largest cultural tour organisers in Europe with almost 2 million customers – and with a top collection of hugely popular worldwide holidays.

A fantastic success story:

Anyone who knows the decision-makers at RSD or meets the staff will not be even remotely surprised by how successful RSD is. RSD brings a number of things together: lots of experience in tourism and sales, creativity and flexibility, visions and the courage to try new things. And not least: real teamwork.

A look at the current collection of RSD tours is like a breath-taking world tour of incredible destinations. With wonderful holiday extensions for relaxed time by the pool. There are also cruises – from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean to Antarctica. With fascinatingly exotic locations – such as India, China or Kenya. And incredible luxury – just look at Dubai.

One characteristic shared by all RSD travel packages is that they have a modular structure, allowing our customers to book basic programmes and additional packages separately. The tours are peppered with UNESCO World Heritage sites. And of course high quality and service standards. Always where our guests need them: qualified, German-speaking tour managers. A survey of more than 40,000 RSD travellers yielded an overall score of 1.48, which is „Very good“ and the top ranking for RSD tours.

Value for money: unbeatable

„On all our tours, the focus is on satisfying customers‘ wishes, feasibility and appeal“, says the Managing Director of RSD in Germany, Horst Zsifkovits. Feasibility includes ensuring that the travel destination is politically stable and safe.

RSD focuses on a manageable number of worthwhile destination areas. In these areas, RSD is able to guarantee the hotels, airline and coach companies high numbers of guests and seasonally consistent occupancies – even in the otherwise quieter shoulder seasons. As a result, RSD enjoys excellent purchase prices for the tourism services it requires. The bottom line: unbeatable value for money for you, our RSD customers.

RSD tours can also benefit from tourism promotion projects. Excellent cooperation with our partners in the destination areas has laid foundations based on trust over the past ten years. In fact, we were named „Best Partner“ in 2019 by the renowned Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten.

Taking the right path also includes the consistent approach to internationalisation, namely RSD tours are currently offered in 13 countries across Europe and more than half of RSD’s regular customers come from abroad. In addition to the RSD core team, this means that almost 100 foreign language-speaking staff working for service providers are on duty every day – especially in the areas of customer assistance and the order hotline.

Spectacular new travel destinations

The fact that RSD never rests on its laurels and is constantly updating and optimising its portfolio is a further pillar that supports the continuous success of recent years. „Short pathways, flat hierarchies and quick decisions help us to respond quickly and creatively as a team to every challenge“, says RSD Managing Director Horst Zsifkovits. By this he also means quick responses to political crises through adjustments of the tour collections.

And of course, new, exciting destinations are constantly enriching RSD’s repertoire. Up to a dozen new trips have been planned for the near future or have already been included in the tour collection. These include a 10-day twin-centre tour of China and Dubai, a 16-day expedition cruise to South America and the Galapagos Islands, a thrilling 12-day twin-centre South Africa and Dubai tour and then this incredible offer: a spectacular world trip on the Costa Deliziosa cruise ship – 127 days that will make every dream come true! New trips to Jordan, Ireland, Northern Spain, Egypt, Thailand and Namibia are also being planned or have already been created.