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RSD is Hurtigruten's "Best Partner" in 2019

The expanses of the Pacific ocean just off the coast of South America, the fjords of Norway on the most beautiful cruise in the world, the unending ice of Antarctica or the indescribable natural beauty of Greenland …

For some time now, RSD/TSS/FVF customers have been able to enjoy wonderful trips around the world on Hurtigruten ships, seeing and experiencing something new every day, coupled with the incredible comfort and flair of the modern Hurtigruten fleet. We really put the fun into travelling!

So it’s no surprise that several thousand delighted RSD customers have already spent a first-class holiday with Hurtigruten. RSD is therefore one of the three biggest Hurtigruten partners in Germany.

RSD has now been awarded a „Best Partner“ certificate for 2019 in recognition of this fantastic cooperation.