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Top marks for RSD coach drivers

A perfectly organised RSD study trip not only involves carefully selected hotels and qualified, frequently praised tour guides. The coach drivers have to be real professionals, too: reliable and always keeping the well-being of their passengers in mind.

Our Turkish partner NBK Touristic in Antalya keeps a close eye on this aspect, always striving to ensure that the high RSD standards are put into practice locally, too.

Thanks to data from surveys, NBK director Recep Yavuz can show just successful this approach is: in the 70,000 questionnaires completed by our guests for the recent winter season, the coach drivers working for RSD once again received excellent ratings. But Recep Yavuz wanted to know even more: he also asked his tour guides to rate their 350 coach-driver colleagues. And here too the overall result produced a great deal of praise for the drivers of the RSD coaches. This included their attitude towards the passengers as well as their external appearance and their observance of traffic regulations.

After all, the teams of coach drivers and tour guides together ensured that, in the course of last season, 200,000 RSD guests from eleven European countries felt well-looked-after in all respects. In the process, the tourist groups travelled a total of no less than nine million kilometres between Antalya, Izmir, Cappadocia and Istanbul – without any accidents, without any problems. The coach drivers know what is expected of them – by RSD Travel and by the guests. One important factor for the motivation of the drivers is that they were accommodated in the same hotels as the guests and ate in the same restaurants.

The ten best-rated drivers in the survey held among the tour guides not only received certificates from NBK Touristic but also a financial bonus equal to a monthly wage. NBK director Yavuz explains: “We know that RSD guests can rely on these colleagues. And the coach drivers are looking forward to doing their bit again in the coming season!”