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RSD in Antalya receives a high-level visit

He had come to express his appreciation on behalf of the Province of Antalya: Recep Yüksel, the assistant to the governor in the field of tourism and culture.

He was happy to take part in a group photo: side-by-side with Recep Yavuz, representing RSD, and surrounded by cheerful members of the RSD team in Antalya.

And there’s currently plenty of reason at RSD to be cheerful, especially in Turkey: with 200,000 arrivals in the past winter season, RSD was the most important German tour operator for Antalya. As the politician Yüksel explains: “The Province of Antalya is very aware of the important contribution that RSD makes to tourism and culture in Turkey.” He stressed the importance of RSD as an important regional employer, especially in the tourism off-season.

On behalf of RSD the partner agency NBK Touristic ensures the smooth organisation of all educational tours in Antalya. For years now, NBK director Recep Yavuz and his 350 tour guides have been reliable go-to people for RSD guests. They explain, arrange and are always ready to help. What’s more, the tour guides also collect money for excavation projects or organise book bazaars for Turkish schoolchildren.

The high qualifications of the tour guides and the coach drivers are one reason for the great popularity of the RSD circular tours. NBK director Yavuz: “High standards are very important to RSD. Our certified tour guides all have at least 15 years of professional experience. And they are constantly undergoing further training. No matter which country the guests come from: the holidaymakers are looked after in their native language, be this German, English, French or Swedish.”

Antalya and RSD: we know each other, we trust each other – and we value each other as professional partners. Now and in the future.