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Great Honour: RSD holidaymakers were the 11 millionth visitors to the holiday region of Antalya!

The German aircraft carrying holidaymakers from Stuttgart landed in Antalya at 2.30pm. Among the passengers on board were our RSD guests Julia and Viktor August – and they were in top holiday mood. That’s because this particular day in late November was the first of their adventure-packed cultural tour in Turkey: a week on the trail of the Apostles in Cappadocia.

What the Augusts didn’t know as they came in to land was that they were the 11 millionth visitors to arrive in Antalya. Hence the reception committee, consisting of the Governor and representatives of the city of Antalya as well as representatives of the airport and the Turkish holiday airline Freebird Airlines, waiting to extend a warm personal welcome to the couple. Last but not least, as a point of honour, Recep Yavuz, our trusty RSD representative in Antalya, turned out to meet them with two large bouquets.

The Augusts were pretty much knocked off their feet and very moved by the kind words of welcome, the colourful shower of confetti and the gifts presented to them. “What a fantastic reception,” said Julia August, describing her impressions. The jubilee travellers received a free week’s hotel accommodation from Antalya Airport and also flight tickets to and from Antalya from Freebird. RSD treated its jubilee guests to a delicious evening meal and, when they arrived in their hotel room, the pair found a fine bottle of wine waiting for them.

We at RSD were, of course, delighted that the jubilee guests were also RSD clients. Not that it was necessarily a huge coincidence, though, because now, in the winter season, there’s a good chance that most of the passengers arriving in Antalya will be our guests.