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Donation of books in Turkey

Just as it did last year, RSD has demonstrated how much it cares for children in the holiday region in and around Antalya.

RSD not only gives its travellers the chance to become more familiar with the culture, history and the magnificent natural sights to be seen in Turkey; it opens the door to personal encounters with the people there.

After receiving a plea for help from a school near Kaş, RSD did not waste any time before taking action. Resources in the school library were sparse, and the school children had very little reading material. NBK, the local partner, quickly organised a large selection of non-fiction, fairy tale and specialist books and in no fewer than four coaches headed for the school to present the new additions to the library.

The many books were handed over with great ceremony, and it was a happy day indeed for the children as well as for the travellers. The once almost bare shelves in the school library are now stocked with plenty to read, and students can choose from a large range of books on many different subjects.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the RSD holiday-makers who happened to be on an impressive tour of Lycia to meet the people of the region while also doing a good deed.

Only last year, RSD and NBK organised a large book campaign in Antalya, providing more than 20,000 children’s books.

Turkey is not simply a holiday destination for RSD. The company is committed to fostering the cultural heritage of the country, respects its people and maintains a relationship of friendship with them. Its greatest reward is the recognition and acknowledgement it receives from them.