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Sri Lanka – Visa Information

  • British citizens require a chargeable visa for entry to Sri Lanka.
  • The visitor may arrive within 6 months of the visa being granted.
  • The visa is initially valid for up to 60 days from the date of arrival
  • The visa can be applied for online via the official website

At the airport in Colombo, there is also the option to apply for a visa upon arrival. However, the airport only has limited capacities for this and long waiting times can be expected. Furthermore, entry will be denied if not approved.

It is therefore strongly recommended to apply for the visa in advance online.

Important! Ensure that all information is correct. The Sri Lankan authorities will insist on a new visa being issued at the airport if there are even small mistakes (e.g., numbers back to front or the accidental entry of a letter „o“ instead of the number „0“ in the passport number), for which further charges will be levied.

  • Please note: There are mandatory fields (e.g., personal information) and voluntary fields (e.g., flight number). Voluntary information does not have to be provided.
  • Address in Sri Lanka field: This is a mandatory field. Please enter the address of the hotel in which you will be staying:
    Royal Palms Beach Hotel
    De abrew Road
  • After successful payment of the visa fee, you will receive a confirmation as well as a reference number, with which you can check the status of your visa application
  • Once the visa application has been approved, please download your eVisa and print it out. The eVisa must be presented upon entry into Sri Lanka.

No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information / Updated: May 2024

India – Visa Information

  • British citizens require a visa to enter India. Visas are subject to charge.
  • Visas can be applied for max. 30 days and min. 4 days prior to the date of entry.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 180 days from the planned date of entry and have 2 blank pages.

The visa can be applied for:

  1. online via the official website (cost: 25 US$ plus possible bank charges of 2.5% or PayPal fees of 3.5%) or
  2. at an Indian Diplomatic Mission prior to departure (cost: £72.00 plus £3 Consular Charge plus £11.57 VFS service charge)
  3. It is NOT possible to apply for visas at the airport on entry.

Online application:

Please complete the application online on the official website.

NB: Please ensure that all details are correct. Even the smallest errors (e.g. transposed numbers or entering the letter “O” instead of the number “0” in the passport number can lead to significant problems at entry.

Please note: There are mandatory fields marked by * and information which is provided on a voluntary basis. Voluntary information is not strictly necessary.

”Reference name in India / Address” field This field is mandatory. Enter the address of the first hotel on your trip here:
Lemon Tree Sector 60 Gurugram
Urban Complex, Ch.Nandaram Marg, Ullahwas Village, Sector 60
Gurugram, Haryana 122011
Tel: +91 124 714 2323

Please pay the visa fee of 25 US$ online. MasterCard,Visa and PayPal are accepted. (Our recommendation: payment at the latest 4 days prior to departure.)

You will then receive either an approval notice or a notification of referral. If you receive a notification of referral, please contact the Indian Diplomatic Mission.

A tourist visa entitles UK citizens to enter the country multiple times during a one year period from the date of grant for continuous stays of up to 180 days

Processing usually takes at least 3 working days.

Track your application by logging in to the official website (
For further assistance, call the 24/7 visa support centre on +91 11 24300666 or mail to

Application to an Indian Diplomatic Mission:

Submit the application and all other documents required (listed at to the respective Diplomatic Mission (a list can be found at: in person or by post and pay the fee of £72.00 plus £3 Consular Charge plus £11.57 VFS service charge.

With the approval of the Indian General Consulate, the Diplomatic Mission usually requires 3-5 working days to process applications submitted in person. When submitted by post (please select “UK – London” as Mission, while completing the application form online), processing takes 2-3 weeks (please consider when applying!).

Following submission of the application, confirmation is sent to the respective Diplomatic Mission and the application along with a reference number.

Track your application by logging in to the official website ( application.html).
You can also call the hotline at 0203 793 8629 or 0203 788 4666 Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Alternatively you can call at 0905 757 0045 Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 05:30 pm (except for Consular Holiday) or mail to

Visas are valid for up to 1 year and entitle the holder to enter the country multiple times (validity of the visa begins from the date it is issued and not from the date of your departure mentioned on the application form).

Documents required for entering India:

  • Visa or e-TV, the electronic tourist visa
  • Passport valid for at least 180 days after the planned entry date

Last revised: October 2023

Travel Safely – Arrival and departure

Here you will find information about the requirements that have been put in place by the airports and airline companies. Precise details regarding your airline company will be sent to you 18 days before your departure, along with your tickets. You will find the name of your airline company on your e-ticket.


Manchester Manchester Airport & Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Birmingham COVID-19 Update and Advice
London Airport Gatwick COVID-19 TRAVEL INFORMATION
London Airport Heathrow Coronavirus update


Aegean Air New Clean Standard – Englisch
Aer Lingus Your Health and Safety – Englisch
Air Baltic Health measures
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British Airways Protective measures
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Freebird Airlines Guidelines for Healthy Flying with Freebird Airlines
Gulfair Health & Safety Measures
Iberia Covid-19 measures
KLM At the Airport and on Board – Englisch
Lufthansa Travel and corona
Norwegian Airlines Covid-19 Updates
Qatar Airways Safety Measures – Englisch
Tap Portugal Clean and Safe
Turkish Airlines Guidelines for safe travel

Travel Safely – Infection protection locally

Measures for infection protection

Arrival and departure:

  • Information on the requirements of the airlines and airports can be found at Arrival and departure

Transfer and round trip

  • The buses will be filled in accordance with local regulations.
  • During the journey, regular breaks will be taken to exchange the air on board.
  • All of the surfaces on the bus are disinfected daily.
  • Disinfectant will be provided.
  • Wearing of a medical-grade covering for the mouth and nose in accordance with local legal regulations during the journey and on excursions / visits
  • Information / backgrounds on attactions will be given where possible outdoors.


  • In all public hotel areas (lobby, dining room/restaurant, pool area, etc.) it is important to comply with the rules of distance and wearing masks in accordance with local legal requirements.
  • Disinfectant will be provided in all public areas of the hotel.
  • The form of hospitality will be based on local regulations

What you can do:

  • Maintain the locally required minimum social distance from other passengers, as well as following the local regulations regarding mandatory mask-wearing.
  • Avoid shaking hands or other physical contact.
  • Make sure you wash and disinfect your hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Observe the current coughing and sneezing etiquette.
  • Observe the hygiene regulations of the country / hotel and airline in question. Information about these can also be obtained from your local tour guide.
  • Follow your tour guide’s instructions.
  • If you develop symptoms of a cold before your trip, see a doctor and if necessary do not embark on the trip. If you develop symptoms while on holiday, contact your tour guide (by telephone) and follow their instructions.

For each of our destination countries there may be different rules of entry, conditions and hygiene regulations in place that are specific to location, and these can also change at short notice. For this reason we have put together the most important information for your RSD trip at Country specific information. You may also find information here that is relevant for your return journey to the UK. All information will of course be checked and updated on a regular basis.

Please also inform yourself about the current requirements and regulations on the websites of Travel Health Pro ( and the Federal Foreign Office (

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The package of insurance includes: travel cancellation insurance, holiday guarantee (travel-discontinuation insurance), travel accident insurance, travel liability insurance and travel health insurance from only £ 25 More information

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The package of insurance includes: travel cancellation insurance, holiday guarantee (travel-discontinuation insurance), travel accident insurance, travel liability insurance, travel health insurance and luggage insurance from only £ 49 More information

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Here you can enter details on your credit card for payment to RSD. Your credit card details will be registered directly and safely with our certified payment service-provider. RSD will then debit your deposit and final payment on the respective due dates, similar to the direct debit procedure.

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