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What a spectacular travel destination! Explore with us emerald-green crater lakes, volcanic cones and a unique abundance of plants. Watch whales and dolphins from up close. Bathe in hot springs and enjoy stunning views out over this fascinating natural paradise.

Day 1: Arrival in São Miguel

Flight to Ponta Delgada. This is the capital of São Miguel, the largest of the Azores, which are islands belonging to Portugal. Thanks to their location in the Atlantic and their mild all-year-round temperatures, this group of islands is always the ideal travel destination. Our friendly and professional English-speaking tour guide will meet us at the airport. We will take a modern coach to our exclusive, 4-star hotel, the PESTANA BAHIA PRAIA, which is located on the beach from Água d‘Alto in Vila Franca do Campo. Here we will spend the entire week in comfort.

Day 2: Ponta Delgada – The largest city in the Azores

After breakfast, we will explore Ponta Delgada together on a tour of the city. We‘ll walk through the historic centre and see the church of São Sebastião, the church of Todos os Santos from the 18th century, and the impressive Esperança Monastery. We‘ll also have a browse around the famous traditional market, pervaded by scents of sweet, sun-ripened fruit and tasty cheese. We‘ll also enjoy breath-taking vistas out over the azure waters of the ocean from a number of viewing points. Our tour guide will tell us everything there is to know about the city‘s exciting history.

Day 3: Boat trip to see whales and dolphins

Today, you can enjoy the amenities at your 4-star hotel and have a wander around. Also on the agenda is the spectacular highlight of any trip to the Azores: marvel at whales and dolphins up-close on a unique, optional boat trip. These giants of the sea can be watched in their natural habitat off the coasts of the Azores. There are around 25 species of marine mammal here. These include sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, round-headed dolphins, common dolphins and many other whale and dolphin species.

Day 4: Sete Cidades – The blue & green lagoon

Today, we travel to Sete Cidades. This enormous crater, which is 12 km in diameter, is one of the most beautiful the Azores has to offer. A bridge divides the lake visually into 2 halves. One shimmers a beautiful blue, while the other is a magical green. There is a scientific and a romantic explanation for this astonishing abundance of colours. Our tour guide will be happy to tell you everything. On the return journey to Vila Franca do Campo, we will drive through breath-taking landscapes and delight at the stunning vistas, where we will have plenty of opportunities to stop and take photographs. You‘ll love it!

Day 5: Explorer day – Furnas Valley natural paradise

A further highlight of the island of São Miguel is the impressive Furnas Valley. We would love to take you with us on this unforgettable, optional all-day excursion. The Furnas Valley has a beautiful lake and the legendary ”Caldeiras” hot springs. You can also marvel at the hot, steamy sulphur pools here. They‘re used at mealtimes for cooking on. You‘ll also see the village of Furnas and take a walk through the ”Terra Nostra” botanical gardens (admission included). You‘ll even have the opportunity to bathe in the hot springs (admission included). This is an exotic floral paradise with a huge, iron-containing basin of geothermally heated water. On the road back to Vila Franca do Campo, we‘ll make a stop at a lush tea plantation. There‘ll also be further stops at stunning viewing points.

Day 6: Vila Franca do Campo – The coastal town with the volcanic island

Today, we‘ll be discovering Vila Franca do Campo together. This small town was the island‘s most important place when settlers first arrived here. Here, we will see the church of St. Michael, one of the oldest on the archipelago. You‘ll also get the opportunity to try the famous queijadas (cheesecakes) here, if you like. Just off the village‘s coast is a small island, which is made up solely of a single extinct volcano. The crater wall has broken through into the sea on one side, so that an almost completely circular lagoon has formed inside it, creating a wonderful natural swimming pool.

Day 7: Explorer day – Lagoa do Fogo, Caldeira Velha & Ribeira Grande

If you like, you can enjoy a natural panorama of unique beauty today. On this optional whole-day excursion you‘ll first visit the village of Lagoa. It is primarily known for its traditional ceramics. And then this incredible background: ahead of you, is the fire lagoon, the ”Lagoa do Fogo”, a crater lake framed by steep cliffs. Wend your way here through unique nature and take photographs. Then we press on to Caldeira Velha. Here, there will be time for you to bathe in the natural warm water pools (for a fee), before we travel on to the village of Ribeira Grande, After this wonderful day, we will return full of unforgettable memories to Vila Franca do Campo.

Day 8: Homeward journey

Today, we say farewell. We‘ve made new friends and our week of incredible experiences in this region of unspoilt nature is drawing to a close. Return flight to England.

Package includes:

  • Scheduled flight to Ponta Delgada on São Miguel and back with TAP Air Portugal (the largest Portuguese airline)³
    incl. hotel transfers
  • 7 nights in a double room in the 4-star hotel PESTANA BAHIA PRAIA (national category)
    7× tasty breakfast
  • Fascinating 4-star cultural tour featuring the Azores‘ most famous highlights.
    Look forward to a spectacular programme of excursions on one of the most popular areas of natural paradise in the Atlantic!
  • Qualified, English-speaking cultural tour guide

³ TAP Air Portugal (the largest Portuguese airline) with change in Lisbon.

On request, you can book our additional tours and services at special prices:

Explorer package:

The package includes the ”Whale and dolphin sight-seeing boat trip” half-day excursion, the ”Furnas Valley natural paradise including entry to the hot springs & botanical gardens” full-day excursion and the ”Lagoa do Fogo, Caldeira Velha & Ribeira Grande” full-day excursion: only £159 per person.

Single room surcharge £249 per person (subject to availability)

8-day cultural tour featuring the Azores’ most famous highlights!

You will love our 4-star hotel PESTANA BAHIA PRAIA !

Comparison of temperatures

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The Azores, an autonomic region of Portugal, is a group of islands in the Atlantic. Its capital is São Miguel.


Ponta Delgada

Form of government:

Parliamentary republic

Head of state:

As President, Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has been the head of state since 9 March 2016.


Roman Catholic




Moderate climate


220/110 V, 50 Hertz, an adapter is required.

Local time:

The time in the Azores is Central European Time (CET) -2 with summer / winter time changes. The time difference to the UK is -1 hours all year round.

Making telephone calls:

To make phone calls to the UK, pre-dial 0044 (+44). To make phone calls from the UK to the Azores, pre-dial 00351 (+351).


The currency is the Euro. Exchange rate (as at November 2019): 1 GBP = 1.16 EUR; 1 EUR = 0.86 GBP.

Banks/Credit cards:

Purchases can be paid for in cash and using the most popular credit cards. This payment system is typical in Portuguese shops; the symbols of credit cards accepted are usually displayed at the entrance to shops. ID cards are required when paying by credit card. Travellers’ cheques (in dollars or Euro) can also be cashed in banks. It is also possible to withdraw cash from ATMs using EC/ Maestro cards but high fees may be charged by the respective bank.

Entry requirements for British citizens:

For entry, UK citizens should have six months left on the passport on the date of your arrival to an EU country and the passport should be less than 10 years old. A stay of up to 90 days is permitted without a visa. Nationals of other countries are advised to inquire at the Portuguese Embassy about the entry requirements applicable to them.
The UK has left the European Union. The rules on travel to EU countries will stay the same until 31 December 2020 while the UK and EU negotiate additional arrangements. For up-to-date information on entry requirements, please visit
Whilst we endeavour to provide guidance where necessary, we can not be responsible for any problems encountered (whether at any point of entry or elsewhere) in the event that passport and visa requirements are not satisfied.

Tour guides:

Your expert tour guides will be able to provide you with detailed information about the country, people, history, culture etc., and offer advice and assistance for organising your trip. They can also help with room allocation and look forward to welcoming you with initial information. Here you will find out all you need to know and useful information about the trip. We have put together a varied programme including numerous highlights, enabling you to experience the culture and diversity of landscape that the Azores has to offer, and learn all about the country and its people.

Additional packages:

Although your trip already includes a comprehensive package, you also have the option of choosing added extras. We recommend booking the following packages:
Gourmet package: The package includes half board with a hearty evening meal: only £149 per person.
Explorer package: The package includes the ”Whale and dolphin sight-seeing boat trip” half-day excursion, the ”Furnas Valley natural paradise including entry to the hot springs & botanical gardens” full-day excursion and the ”Lagoa do Fogo, Caldeira Velha & Ribeira Grande” full-day excursion: only £159 per person.

Customs regulations:

Private persons travelling within the EU can purchase and export goods without limits on quantities if they are for personal use and not intended for resale. The customs regulations for the UK can be viewed on the British Customs Web site or queried by phone.
For travellers within and from outside the EU, there are no restrictions on importing or exporting national and foreign currencies, however cash amounts higher than the equivalent of € 10,000 (including travellers‘ cheques, other currencies or cheques made out to third parties) must be declared.

Special criminal provisions:

Pepper spray is covered by the Weapons Act on the Azores; possession is only authorised for holders of a cat. E firearms licence. Violations usually result in criminal charges.

Safety instructions:

Crime: Vigilance should be exercised regarding pickpockets and petty crime in larger tourist centres in particular, pick-pocketing is common.
As for any holiday trip, the rule is to only ever carry what is absolutely necessary when out for a walk or on an excursion. Large amounts of cash and original identification documents should always be deposited in the hotel safe. If necessary, only carry secure credit cards (protected by PIN) on your person.
You should try to steer clear of large groups of people and keep an eye on your valuables at tourist spots, airports, including in the security area, railway stations, the metro, buses etc. Keep your valuables close to your body.
Natural disasters: The Azores lie in a seismically active zone, and earthquakes can occur. Information regarding seismic activity is available from the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).
Tropical storms can form from May to November, especially over the Azores. Travellers are asked during this time to follow the instructions on what to do in the event of a hurricane abroad.

Medical information:

Vaccinations: The standard vaccinations for children and adults should be examined and supplemented prior to travelling. The Foreign Office Medical Service also recommends vaccination against hepatitis A and B in cases of particular exposure (e.g. current outbreaks, basic travelling conditions, hygiene deficiencies, missions, inadequate medical care, particular professional/social contacts). Please consult a doctor specialising in tropical illnesses.

Medical care:

The quality of medical care is generally satisfactory. In the Azores, anyone with state insurance in the UK is entitled to medical treatment – where urgently necessary – by doctors, dentists, hospitals etc. registered with the foreign statutory health insurance association. You should get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leaving the UK. After 31 December 2020, your UK-issued EHIC might not be valid. Nonetheless, you are urgently recommended to take out travel health insurance for the duration of your holiday which covers risks not assumed by the statutory health insurance companies (e.g. repatriation to the UK in the event of illness, treatment by private doctors or in private hospitals).
You can also contact your health insurance company for information on current regulations. Please note that the excursions are accessible by foot only and that the buses used for the roundtrip are not customised to transport wheelchairs or similar devices.
Customers must ensure that they are in good physical and mental health in line with the trip in question. Customers must enquire about the physical mobility and psychological autonomy required for this trip.

All information is subject to change/Last updated: August 2020