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Turkey | Cappadocia

Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape

Discover one of the UK’s favourite cultural tour – an 8-day trip for you and a companion – to the unique region of Cappadocia, the world’s most enchanting fairy landscape!

Antalya – Konya – Cappadocia – Göreme – Monks Valley

Turkey | Cappadocia – Bild 1 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Bild 1 Turkey | Cappadocia – Bild 2 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Bild 2 Turkey | Cappadocia – Bild 3 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Bild 3

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Cappadocia is not just an area of outstanding natural beauty, it also represents the perfect symbiosis of humankind and nature. Over the centuries, volcanic eruptions, wind and water have combined to create a fairy-tale landscape dominated by bizarre tuff formations that is utterly unique and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your tour of the region also offers a fascinating insight into the history of Christianity.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 1 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 1

Day 1: Journey to Antalya

Flight to Antalya. Our friendly, competent English-speaking tour guides will be there to meet us at the airport and accompany us to our coaches. Transfer to the hotel, where a welcome drink awaits us. Our hotel will be in the Antalya area.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 2 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 2

Day 2: Konya (formerly Ikonium) – Cappadocia

Our tour crosses the majestic Taurus Mountains via the 1825m Alacabel Pass to Konya. The town formerly known as Ikonium became one of the greatest Christian communities of its time under the Apostle Paul and Saint Barnabas. To this day, its Christian and Islamic origins make the former Seljuq capital an attractive destination for visitors from all over the world. We visit the whirling dervishes’ monastery there, which is a museum and place of pilgrimage today, before continuing on our way to Cappadocia.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 3 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 3

Day 3: Cappadocia – Göreme – underground cities (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Volcanic eruptions, wind and weather have joined forces over the millennia to create a landscape dominated by bizarre, tuff formations. The people of the region began to hollow out their homes, places of worship and subterranean towns in the soft stone here as far back as 2000 years ago. The open-air museum at Göreme (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) with its many monasteries, cave churches and wall paintings is the high point of any visit to Cappadocia. At the end of the day, we are invited to partake of a delicious cup of Turkish tea in the idyllically situated village of Cavusin.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 4 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 4

Day 4: Cappadocia – Monks Valley

Amid the vineyards and apricot trees of Monks Valley, we venture into a fairytale world. Its unique rock formations and glorious changes of colour promise unforgettable moments. This exceptional natural spectacle is a veritable gift for photography enthusiasts. Our journey takes us on to the hidden village of Sinasos with its Ancient Greek patrician houses – a wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful stroll. In a traditional carpet weavingfactory we experience the fascinating, centuries-old craft of carpet-making. You’ll be enthralled by the variety, craftsmanship and rich colours of the hand-woven carpets.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 5 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 5

Day 5: Konya – historic Silk Road – Antalya

Cappadocia’s more than one hundred underground settlements represent the region’s mysterious chapter. In one of these labyrinthine towns, we explore the secrets of underground life. Many mediaeval caravanserais can be found along the ancient silk road and we stop off at one of these former hostelries to learn about the social aspects of these charitable institutions. We then continue our journey across the Taurus Mountains to Antalya.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 6 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 6

Day 6: Antalya & Old Town

Today, we set our sights on Antalya. The capital of Turkey’s Mediterranean region offers a colourful palette of historical and cultural places of interest and sites of natural beauty. Following an extensive tour of the city, we take a look around the old quarter of Antalya. In the labyrinthine streets of the old town with their bright bougainvilleas and beautifully kept Turkish patrician houses, we experience the incomparable aura of Mediterranean life. On our trail of Turkey’s great craft traditions, we then visit a jewellery workshop and a leather workshop. Here you not only find out more about the craft processes but also have the chance to acquire a personal holiday souvenir.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 7 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 7

Day 7: Free to spend at your leisure in Antalya

Today is a day to relax and do as you wish. You can enjoy the comforts of your hotel, chill out at the pool, or ease your muscles with a visit to a traditional Turkish steam bath. Take a relaxed stroll along the beach or discover more of the natural and cultural treasures of the surroundings. Add some further fantastic experiences to your rich collection of holiday memories.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Tag 8 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Tag 8

Day 8: Homeward journey

Transfer to airport and return flight.


N.B. Please note that for organisational reasons your itinerary may be reversed.

Your cultural highlights

Turkey | Cappadocia – Highlight 1 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Highlight 1


With its numerous cultural and scenic treasures, Antalya (originally Attaleia) is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in Turkey. Moreover, due to its location on the Turkish  Mediterranean coast, it is the tourist and cultural centre of the region. The most significant ruins are the Roman wall and the imposing Hadrian’s Gate. High above the beaches sits the old town of Kaleici, from where there is a fantastic view of the harbour and the deep blue sea.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Highlight 2 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Highlight 2


Cappadocia is indeed one of the most unforgettable experiences.‘The land of white horses’ in an ancient Persian tongue, it is home to one of the most mysterious and extraordinary landscapes in the world. It was formed at the centre of a once volcanic region where, over time, wind and weather have sculpted sensual curves now known as ‘fairy chimneys’. Neolithic man was the first to carve the rock into inhabitable caves, and early Christians followed by creating exquisite underground cities, monasteries and churches in the soft rock, which you can still visit today.

Turkey | Cappadocia – Highlight 3 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape – Highlight 3

Goreme Valley

The sheer number and variety of places to visit here can be quite bewildering, but the archetypal travellers’ utopia is Goreme, where you’ll find the open-air museum, a World Heritage Site and home to many of the area’s natural wonders. The location of Goreme was first settled back in the Roman period. Christianity was then the prevailing religion in the region, which is evident from the many rock churches which can still be seen today.

Dates / Prices

Dates / Prices

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Turkey | Cappadocia –  1 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape –  1
  • (Charter) flights to Antalya and return from Antalya with a reputable airline
  • Transfer airport – hotel – airport 
  • nights in selected 4 and 5-star hotels (country category) 
    with a welcome drink
Turkey | Cappadocia –  2 Unique Cappadocia – the world’s most enchanting fairy tale landscape –  2
  • 7x generous breakfast buffet
  • Round trip in our modern, air-conditioned coaches
  • Qualified English-speaking guides, all university graduates
  • 24-hour emergency medical service

On request, you can book our additional tours and services at special reduced prices:

Culture and dinner package

The package includes all admission fees and guided tours for sights as per itinerary plus a sumptuous buffet every evening with international specialities:

£140 per person (bookable upon arrival).

We recommend you secure your culture and dinner package when you arrive in Turkey. The individual hotels on the tours are located in idyllic natural settings and therefore a little way outside the towns.

Single room surcharge

£149 per person (subject to availability)

    Dates / Prices

    Dates / Prices

    Turkey - Cappadocia

    Temperatures Antalya

    Weather 15 16 18 22 26 31 34 33 31 27 22 17



    System of government:

    Independent state since 1923. Constitution adopted in 1982, last change in 2010. Unicameral parliament with 550 members, who are all voted for directly every four years.


    Islam with a small Christian and Jewish community.


    The official language is Turkish. English is often spoken in the cities and tourist locations.


    Subtropical climate along the Aegean Coast and the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 30°C in the summer to 12–15° C in the winter.


    The supply voltage is 220 V, 50 HZ. An adapter is necessary.

    Local time:

    The time difference between the UK and Turkey is plus two hours throughout the year (Turkey is two hours ahead of GMT).

    Making telephone calls:

    The country code for Turkey is 0090 with the zero cancelled before the area code. If you are calling the UK from Turkey, please dial 0044 and the area code without the zero.

    Entry requirements for British citizens:

    British nationals require a visa to enter Turkey. It is recommended to apply for visa online at www.evisa.gov.tr. Passports must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Turkey. Nationals of other countries are advised to inquire at the Turkish Embassy about the entry requirements applicable to them.
    Customers are reminded that it is their sole responsibility to make sure that passport and visa entry requirements for the country or countries that they are visiting are satisfied and we cannot be responsible for any problems encountered (whether at any point of entry or elsewhere) in the event that passport and visa requirements are not satisfied. Regulations in respect of passport and visa requirements for Turkey are the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey (“MFA”) whose website is at www.mfa.gov.tr. Visas can be obtained through the MFA’s electronic visa application portal at www.evisa.gov.tr and UK passport holders will be expected to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months as from the date of arrival in Turkey. If you hold a different type of British nationality (BN(O), British Overseas Citizen, British Protected Person or British Subject), check visa requirements with the Turkish Embassy before you travel.
    However passport and visa requirements change from time to time and are also dependant on the purpose of your visit and your nationality. Whilst we endeavour to provide guidance where necessary, we cannot be responsible for any problems encountered (whether at any point of entry or elsewhere) in the event that passport and visa requirements are not satisfied.

    Country and people:

    Few countries have such a rich history as Turkey. Today’s Turkey is a modern democracy, with tourism playing an ever greater role. No trip to Turkey would be complete without a visit to the Turkish bazaars to soak up the oriental flair. The handmade carpets, jewellery and leather goods are an integral part and to some extent centuries-old tradition of the oriental culture – which is why our tour also includes a visit to a jewellery maker, a leather merchant and a traditional carpet weaver. Here you will find out fascinating facts about the Turkish art of carpet weaving and see how hand-woven carpets have been made throughout the generations. In interesting demonstrations you will learn more about preparing the silk threads, natural wool dyeing and very intricate and elaborate tying with the renowned ‘Turkish knot’. You will then get to spend one to two hours in the respective factories looking at the works of art and products. Bartering is a typical Turkish custom. If you are not interested in buying anything, the traders will also accept a clear no. No bartering takes place in department stores and supermarkets, or at markets where local farmers sell their vegetables.
    In Turkey it is customary to give tips. Similarly to the USA, this forms part of the income for the people working in the service sector. Moreover it symbolizes recognition for the service provided. One can tip chambermaids £0,85 to £1,70 per night. In a restaurant or taxi, tipping around 10% of the billed sum is customary. Tips are not given in shops.
    On group trips, the suggested sum for a tour guide, could be £1,70 per person per day. While for bus drivers the appropriate sum is around £0,85 to £1,70 per day per person. Of course, everyone may decide for themselves whether and how much tip they wish to give.

    Tour guides:

    Your expert tour guides will be able to provide you with detailed information about the country, people, history, culture, etc., and offer advice and assistance for organising your trip. They can also help with room allocation and look forward to welcoming you with initial information and a welcoming drink. Here you will find out all you need to know and useful information about the trip. We have put together a varied programme including numerous highlights, enabling you to experience the culture and diversity of landscape that Turkey has to offer, and learn all about the country and its people. Although your trip already includes a comprehensive package, you also have the option of choosing added extras on arrival. We recommend booking the following packages when you get there, as some hotels on the tour are situated out of town in idyllic countryside, which means you can benefit from special rates.

    Culture and dinner package:

    This package includes a sumptuous buffet every evening with international specialities and all admission charges for sights (Mevlâna Museum, Göreme Open Air Museum, Underground City, Sinasos, Çavuşin, Monks Valley, Uçhisar, Pigeon Valley, Devrent Valley, Avcilar, tour of Antalya’s Old Town): £140 per person (bookable on arrival).

    Explorer package:

    This package includes five lunchtime meals plus the following additional events: Trip to Aspendos (incl. lunch), Cappadocia evening (incl. local drinks and a show), whirling dervishes show: £135 per person (bookable on arrival).

    Currency/Banks/Credit cards:

    Since 1 January 2009, the currency is once again called the Turkish lira (TRY).

    Exchange rate (as of March 2015):

    1 GBP = 3,83 TRY;

    1 TRY = 0,26 GBP.

    The currency € is in the most touristical regions well accepted. Money can be exchanged at banks during opening hours. Another option to change currency is offered at larger hotels. Bank opening hours: Mon – Fri from 8.30 a.m. to 12 noon, 1.30 – 5 p.m. Cash can be withdrawn from cash machines using established international credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express; the usage of debit cards is only possible with some machines. Credit cards are usually also accepted in the larger hotels, various shops and international car rental offices.

    Caution is advised when paying with a bank or credit card, as criminals may be trying to copy the traveller’s bank card and obtain the relevant PIN code without being noticed to then be able to withdraw cash from cash machines with fake cards. Travellers are therefore advised to keep an eye on their bank card when paying with it and to enter their PIN number with discretion. Care should be taken when using the bank and credit cards with the PIN code in exchange offices too.

    Customs regulations for travellers to Turkey:

    The following regulations apply for tourists: import of foreign currency is unlimited. As for exporting currency, a total amount of 5,000 US dollars or the equivalent in TRY is permitted. Travellers may import and export personal jewellery to a total value of 15,000 US dollars. Any value higher than this must be declared when entering the country. Documentation is required for purchases made in Turkey. Otherwise, the following goods per person may by carried upon entry into Turkey (does not apply to transit travellers):
    personal belongings as items for personal use, incl. medical articles (devices) and medicine as well as giftware to a value of 230 GBP (children under 15 years of age up to 110 GBP).
    The purchase, possession and export of “cultural and natural properties” is severely punished (prison sentence of up to 10 years), as these properties are regarded as state-owned assets. In case of violation, several months of custody and high bail fees (currently approx. 7,000 GBP) are common procedure for tourists, too, even if they hold antiques or old objects of supposed small value. In individual cases, prison sentences are imposed. You are therefore urgently warned not to acquire or take along antiques, old coins, fossils, etc. from retailers. Further information under: www.fco.gov.uk. Information about the customs regulations for importing products into the UK is found on the British customs website: www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk.

    Medical information:

    Vaccinations are not required for entering into Turkey. Every traveller should be sufficiently protected against tetanus and polio as well as hepatitis, if needs be. Caution is advised when eating uncooked food, unpasteurised milk (e.g. fresh milk, ice cream) and fruit that can’t be peeled. Please avoid drinking tap water and ice cubes in drinks! Rule of thumb: don’t eat anything that cannot be cooked or peeled! In Turkey, pharmacies are found at every turn. They are recognised by their green cross and the “Eczane” inscription. The standard is high, the personnel fully trained. Especially in those regions in which tourism flourishes, English-speaking staff are the norm. Most of the medicines that require prescription in the United Kingdom, are also only available in Turkey by prescription only. The handling is somewhat more “relaxed”, though. Hospitals and a number of medical practices are found in every larger city and in the touristic regions; usually only community hospitals are based in smaller towns and villages. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), relating to free medical treatment in EU countries, is not valid in Turkey. Make sure you have adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation. In any event, travellers should obtain information about the possibilities and requirements for a reimbursement of costs from their health insurance company before setting off on their travels. Please observe that the excursions are accessible by foot only and that the buses used for the roundtrip are not customized to transport wheelchairs or similar devices.

    All information is subject to change/Last updated: March 2015

    Dates / Prices

    Dates / Prices

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    Trains to Glasgow Central

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    Further Information

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    Glasgow Airport Taxi Services are the official provider of Licensed Taxis at Glasgow Airport and are the only taxi company that can pick you up and drop you off at the terminal doors.

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    Some examples of categories covered by the insurance:

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    • Digital camera, memory card
    • Batteries, chargers


    • Spare pair of glasses
    • Alarm clock
    • Sunglasses
    • Food for the journey
    • Sewing kit
    • Travel guide, road map

    Shortly before departure

    • Switch off heating
    • Organise care for house
    • Provide for pets
    • Set/change message on answering machine
    • Stop newspaper subscription
    • Organise flower care



    Leeds Bradford International Airport
    LS19 7TU

    Our phone number:

    0871 288 2288 (Calls are charged at 10 pence per minute from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary.)

    Airport code: LBA


    Driving to Leeds Bradford

    The airport is signposted on all major roads over a wide area, including the M1 and M62 motorways and the Yorkshire section of the A1. 

    Please note: The airport’s full postcode for people wishing to use a satellite navigation system is LS19 7TU.


    Please find below some important information that you will find useful when parking at Leeds Bradford Airport.

    Importantly, when parking your vehicle, please take a note of the Car Park you are using and the zone / bus stop number that is closest to you.

    (i) Prebooked Reservations confirmed on the LBA website only

    The Car Parks operate a credit card recognition system. If you have pre-booked online with Leeds Bradford Airport , the payment card used to prebook your parking must be used on entry and exit to and from your prebooked Car Park. The use of a different card may result in a delay on entry or exit and a possible overcharge to your account.

    Please follow the instructions on your booking confirmation.

    (i) Prebooked Reservations NOT confirmed on the LBA website

    If you have booked through any other website, airline, tour operator or travel agent, please check your booking instructions carefully prior to arrival and raise any queries with the booking agent prior to arrival.

    Please be aware that your reservation will only be valid in the Car Park which you have prebooked. Should you park in any other Car Park other than that which has been prebooked, you will be liable to pay the advertised ‘drive-up’ charges as promoted on entrance to the Car Park and on this website.

    (ii) ‘Drive-Up’ / ‘Turn-Up’ Passengers

    If you have not prebooked, please take an entry ticket at the Car Park entrance barrier on your arrival at LBA and keep it with you until you return from your trip. On your return to LBA, insert your entry ticket into any Car Park Pay Machine (there are several located within the terminal building, adjacent to Arrivals, once you have cleared baggage reclaim).

    Alternatively, you may pay at the exit barrier of the Car Park. Simply insert your original entry ticket, the parking charge will be calculated and displayed and you will be prompted to insert a debit / credit card for payments. Receipts will also be provided, on request, at any of the exit barriers.

    Please keep your Car Park ticket in a safe place, as lost tickets attract a minimum charge of £90.

    All payments made by credit card for Car Parking transactions will incur a charge at £2.50. There is no charge for debit cards.

    Courtesy Bus Service

    We operate a courtesy shuttle bus service between the Long Stay Car Parks and the terminal building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please wait at the bus stops provided. Please allow 15-20 minutes for bus transfers and use the assistance intercom (located within all bus stops) if you have been waiting in excess of 20 minutes.

    We strongly advise all passengers to arrive at their chosen Car Park at least two hours prior to their scheduled departure time. Please remember to allow sufficient time for your journey to LBA and parking your vehicle, as the approach to the Airport and the Car Parks can be extremely busy at peak times.

    Remember to remove all valuables from your car and check that windows and sunroof are fully closed before locking the car. The airport operates 24 hour security camera surveillance, however, we regret that we cannot accept any responsibility for loss of valuables or damage to vehicles.

    Please do not leave baggage unattended at any time, either in the Car Parks or around the main terminal building.

    On your return to LBA, the Courtesy Bus will be available at the front of the terminal building and will return you to the Car Park. Again, this service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    By train

    You can connect to Leeds Bradford Airport by taking advantage of the Flying Tiger bus services that link the airport with the major rail hubs of Leeds & Bradford train stations, including through tickets.

    Rail information can be found at www.nationalrail.co.uk

    Connecting bus information can be found at http://www.flyingtigerbus.co.uk/

    By Bus or Coach

    Leeds Bradford Airport is located between Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate and is easily accessible by public transport. A whole range of bus services make it quick and convenient to get to the airport, running daily from early morning to late night, including weekends and bank holidays.

    Leeds and Bradford city link buses

    Flying Tiger provides frequent, fast and daily services from Leeds bus, coach (For National Express and Megabus) and railway stations, Bradford and Harrogate. Visit www.flyingtigerbus.co.uk for more information.

    Other bus & Coach service

    For further information on the other bus services in West Yorkshire, contact Metroline on: 0113 245 7676 or www.wymetro.com


    Arrow Cars are the official private hire company at LBA, the only private hire company to drop you off on the terminal forecourt. Wherever you live in the country, Arrow can transport you to and from the airport.
    - Office immediately outside the terminal building
    - Exclusive drop off point/Exclusive pick up point
    - Pay by card
    - Up to 8 passengers

    Book online now:

    Call Arrow on 0113 258 5888 or visit the Arrow web site: www.arrowprivatehire.co.uk

    London Gatwick


    Gatwick Airport
    West Sussex RH6 0NP

    Tel: +44 (0) 844 892 0322

    Airport code: LGW


    Driving to Gatwick

    Gatwick is 28 miles (45km) south of London, linked directly to the M23 at Junction 9 and to the A23 London-Brighton road.

    The M25 is a ten-minute drive away (Junction 7), providing connections to the national road and motorway network.

    If you’re using satnav our postcodes are:

    • South Terminal: RH6 0NP
    • North Terminal: RH6 0PJ

    Use the AA route planner to find directions.

    Drop-off and pick-up

    If you are picking passengers up, you must use a short stay car park

    Car parking

    Both short stay car parks are signposted from roads into Gatwick, and are a short walk from the terminals.

    Valet parking operates from Short Stay car park 2, level 2 in South Terminal, and Short Stay car park 5, level 3 in North Terminal.

    Long term parking is located a short coach ride from the terminals.

    If your trip is longer than a couple of days, then long stay parking is the best option There are a number of car parks to choose from but all are secure and well maintained with transfer times of approximately 5 minutes.

    Book Gatwick parking

    View a map of all Gatwick’s car parks

    By Train to Gatwick Airport

    Gatwick Express

    Gatwick Airport is 30 minutes from central London via the non-stop Gatwick Express, and has rail links to destinations all around the UK.

    The railway station is linked directly to the South Terminal, and is a few minutes from the North Terminal by free transit shuttle. There are rail information and ticket desks and in the arrivals areas of both terminals as well as in the station.

    Gatwick Express is the fast train between the airport and central London. Non-stop trains run to and from London Victoria every 15 minutes and take 30 minutes (35 minutes on Sundays).

    Discounted tickets can be bought online at www.gatwickexpress.com, or at the station.

    For further details of prices, special offers and to book in advance, visit the Gatwick Express website or ring +44 (0)845 850 1530 (UK only).

    Other rails services

    The following services call at Gatwick Airport. You should buy tickets before boarding the train.
    First Capital Connect website
    Southern website
    First Great Western website

    Buses and coaches to Gatwick Airport


    Frequent coach services connect Gatwick with more than 400 UK towns and cities. Direct services run to destinations including Heathrow, central London, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Norwich.
    View our map of all direct coach routes from and to Gatwick

    Local Buses

    Local buses run between Gatwick and many local destinations including Crawley, Horley, Redhill, East Grinstead, Caterham and Horsham. Buses call at both terminals. The main services running to and from Gatwick are listed below and operated by Metrobus. 

    London Stansted


    London Stansted Airport
    Enterprise House, Bassingbourn Road, Essex, United Kingdom
    CM24 1QW

    Tel: +44 (0)844 335 1803

    Airport code: STN

    Driving to Stansted

    London Stansted is conveniently situated just off the M11 motorway – use Junction 8a if approaching from the London direction or Junction 8 from the Cambridge side, then follow signs for the airport.

    For help planning your journey, use the Route Planner tool on this website. 

    Satellite navigation information

    Postcode: CM24 1RW
    Latitude/longitude: N51:53:24 (51.889939); E0:15:42 (0.261739)

    Car parking

    The Short Stay Car Park is next to the terminal and is suitable for stays of less than 24 hours. The Long Stay Car Park is a few minutes from the terminal by courtesy bus.

    Motorcycle parking is free in the designated bays in Zone Q of the Long Stay Car Park. Motorbikes must not be parked elsewhere.

    Book Stansted Airport parking now

    More information about Stansted Airport parking


    Where to catch trains

    Stansted Airport rail station is directly below the terminal building. Tickets can be bought in advance or at the station.

    Regular services link the airport with central and east London, and with eastern England and the Midlands.

    Train times and fares are subject to change, so please confirm with the operator before you travel.

    Trains to London

    Stansted Express

    Fast, frequent and convenient trains run between the airport and London Liverpool Street from early until late.

    • Trains depart every 15 minutes.
    • Average journey time 46 minutes to Liverpool Street and 35 minutes to Tottenham Hale.
    • Express class single fare £22.50 (£21.50 online booking).
    • Also calls at Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow Town and Tottenham Hale.

    For London Underground services, change at Tottenham Hale (Victoria Line) or Liverpool Street (Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines).

    Visit the Stansted Express website

    Stansted Express timetable

    Further information on trains to other cities you can find on the homepage.

    Buses and coaches

    Stansted Airport’s bus and coach station is opposite the main terminal entrance. Coach tickets can be bought at the ticket desk in arrivals (open 06:00 to 01:00), in the coach station (24 hours, seven days a week) or on board. Please note that many coaches and buses are not wheelchair-accessible – please contact the relevant operator for further information. Bus fares and times are subject to change, so please confirm with the operator before you travel.

    Bus and coach services

    Other means of transport


    24x7 operate a 24hour taxi service to and from London Stansted Airport. The reservation desk is located in the international arrival concourse. There is also a courtesy telephone located in the Domestic Baggage Reclaim area which will connect you to our reservation desk.

    To book in advance, contact 24x7 by:

    • Telephone: +44 (0)1279 661111

    Payment can be made at the time of booking (by credit or debit card) or in cash to the driver. Fares are quoted before the journey.

    A taxi journey into London for one to four people costs about £99, depending on the exact destination.

    Wheelchair-accessible cars are available on request.



    Manchester Airport
    2 Floor, Olympic House,
    M90 1QX

    Tel.: +44 (0) 8712710711*

    Airport code: MAN


    *Calls are charged at 10 pence per minute from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary.

    Driving to Manchester

    Postcode your sat nav: M90 1QX. This will take you to the general airport site. From here, terminals are signposted.

    For the longitude and latitude for the individual car parks please visit the car park pre booked web pages and see the directions section for each individual airport.

    You can also use My Airport to generate a free personalised guide with driving directions and maps according to your particular journey.

    To help find the best route, you can use either the AA Route Planner or Google Maps.


    You can choose from a whole range of long and short stay parking options at the airport. For the best advance rates, it’s wise to book online.

    See our turn-up Long Stay Parking Charges

    See our turn-up Short Stay Parking Charges

    There are petrol stations with mini supermarkets near Terminals 1 and 2.

    Dedicated motorcycle parking is available at JetPark Plus at the rate of £2.00 per day, payable on arrival.


    The Station, Manchester Airport’s integrated transport hub, offers fast and frequent train services linking the airport with over 100 destinations across the North of England and beyond. Get off to a flying start before you board the plane by catching the train direct to the heart of Manchester Airport. Once you arrive at The Station, it’s easy to reach the terminal buildings using the Skylink moving walkways. 

    Buy train tickets to and from Manchester Airport  with TransPennine Express by clicking this link or using our quick search on the right hand side.

    Train Services
    Frequent direct services run to and from with TransPennine Express and Northern Rail, run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

    • Sheffield
    • York
    • Newcastle
    • Leeds
    • Liverpool
    • Huddersfield
    • Bolton
    • Preston
    • Blackpool
    • The Lake District
    • Chester - with Arriva Train Wales - requires a interchange at Manchester Piccadilly
    • North Wales - with Arriva Train Wales - requires a interchange at Manchester Piccadilly

    See maps of local and regional train services direct to Manchester Airport 

    Trains To/From Manchester
    Trains run every 10 minutes to/from Manchester Piccadilly station in the city centre, taking around 20 minutes.

    Buses and coaches

    A large number of coach services operate daily from The Station, the airport’s integrated transport hub, linking Manchester Airport with our region and other major UK cities.

    Coach travel is a cost-effective way of getting to and from the airport, and most coaches are equipped with reclining seats, air-conditioning and onboard toilet and washroom facilities.

    National Express

    National Express, the UK’s largest operator of scheduled coach services, operates direct to and from The Station at Manchester Airport. With excellent value fares and services to many key destinations throughout the UK including Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, its easy to relax and travel to Manchester Airport in one of their fleet of modern air conditioned coaches.

    Search fares and further information

    See how Manchester Airport links with the (National Express) national coach network.

    Buying Tickets
    Book tickets online with National Express 

    Buy tickets on the day
    The coach ticket desk is open daily at The Station at Manchester Airport from 7am to 6pm.
    Tel 0845 3888127
    4397 from any airport courtesy phone
    Out of hours 0871 7818 181.

    Coach Drivers Guide
    To make it easy for pick up and drop off please see our guide for coach drivers, tour guides and group travel organizers

    Manchester Airport is well served by a network of local and regional buses running daily from early morning to late night, including weekends and bank holidays. There is now a 24 hour bus service operating to/from Manchester Airport.

    Bus Services
    The following bus services operate to and from Manchester Airport:

    200 To The Runway Visitor Park
    18 To The Trafford Centre via Wythenshawe, Baguley, Sale and Stretford
    18 To Altrincham via Hale
    18A To Flixton via Altrincham, Sale and Urmston
    19 From Altrincham via Sale and Wythenshawe
    43 To Manchester via Wythenshawe, Fallowfield and Rusholme (24 hours a day)
    105 To Manchester city centre via Wythenshawe, Benchill, Sharston, Northenden and Moss Side.
    369 To Stockport via Wythenshawe, Heald Green, Cheadle Hulme, Adswood and Edgeley
    199 To Stockport Express via M56 & M60 Then Hazel Grove, New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel en-le-Frith and Buxton
    200 To Wilmslow via Styal and Quarry Bank Mill.
    44 Gatley - East Didsbury - Fallowfield - Manchester

    Taxi and transfer

    It’s easy to transfer from the airport;

    • Arrow Cars offer an independent private hire service located at each terminal
    • Hackney cabs - located at each terminal

    Dates / Prices

    Our satisfied customers report:


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