RSD Travel Ltd. – close to the customer

How about a truly affordable dream holiday? A splendid trip on the trail of the apostles through Cappadocia? Or how about finally beholding Troy and Ephesus with your very own eyes – highlights along the Aegean coast?

Why is RSD Travel Ltd. able to organise such special premium holiday tours? We focus on just a few, handpicked holiday destinations. We do so, however, very effectively. That means: optimum local knowledge and optimum contacts with our on-site business partners. Plus a motivated team in the UK – as part of a medium-sized business group with 700 employees.

That is good for discerning holidaymakers in search of highlights, educational and adventure tours. Tours that represent especially good value for money. You can book directly with us, without middlemen or extra fees, transparently and, of course, with qualified advice.

In addition, many well-known companies and magazines rely on RSD Travel Ltd. as a competent operator for their customer or reader tours. Here, too, we have guaranteed for years now that everything goes smoothly: from the reservation and dependable local guides until the final day of your holiday.

Travel professionals such as airlines and hotels also appreciate this. They can make optimum use of their aircraft and available beds, secure in the knowledge that holidaymakers will not be disappointed and confidence will be inspired.

RSD – top service direct to customers.

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